Connect with Decision-Makers at Face-to-Face Events 

ActivBio Connect Events are curated to elevate your scientific connections with our events that encourage connecting scientists with vendors. 

  • Connecting scientists with Vendors providing technologies and products 
  • Provide Demos of your products at the show or provide samples to the researchers interested in your products. 
  • Provide assistance and recommendations for researchers through their Discovery and Purchasing Journey. 
  • Elevate your brand and generate leads that will help your territory and organization grow. 

ActivBIo Connect's mission is to create a collaborative environment where all can benefit from nurturing networking leads. Call today at 650-2012501 to sign up for the next event. 



Simple Steps to New Connections 

1. Find an Event 
Visit our online calendar or contact us to join our email list to get announcements of new shows first.

2. Register
Reply to the announcements or email us to reserve a spot at our show(s). Please note you MUST receive a confirmation email from us to reserve a spot – we do not offer online signups due to the personalized nature of our service. 

3. Confirm Registration
We respond to requests with a confirmation if there is space available.


4. Logistics

Several Weeks before the event we will send out the details of the event. 


5. The Event!

Come ready to actively engage prospective customers as they visit our vendors at the event.

6.Lead Reports

Shortly after the event, leads are compiled and emailed to you

7. Follow-up 


ActivBio Networking Connects

ActivBio Networking Connects

ActivBio Connect is a biotechnology vendor group and networking business that provides its members with the opportunity to connect with potential partners, customers, and other industry professionals. Through ActivBio Networking Connects, members can gain access to an exclusive network of biotechnology experts and vendors, join industry-specific webinars and events, and gain access to industry resources and insights. With ActivBio Networking Connects, members can grow their businesses and build valuable connections.